The Sun​-​Less Trio

by The Sun-Less Trio

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The Sun-Less Trio. This group is the evolution of anything but a trio, including live performances by any/all of the fabulous Shawn Cox, Marc Phillips, Cricket Kirk, Isabella Saklar, Molly Gaughan & Michael Saklar. Of course MP, CK & MS have danced through the majority of live sets, including this recording. We hope this diversity has led to the antithesis of three. Trio it's penned.

Tape recording to the limit. The sessions got off the ground with a few digital medium demos. This seemed to facilitate speed and comfort to constructing a rhythm section. Short lived. Before long we were back to our norm: recording live to tape, 8-track in specific. A fold-down would generally take place. This is where you record 5-6 tracks of instrumentation live then mix, to obtain another 6 tracks of recording. The additional tracks would often contain vastly different instruments remixed along side the initial mix. Not too different from say a '60s session squeezing 18-20 instruments onto 8 tracks of tape. For example, "Sunrise Goddess" might have 12-string guitar, bass pedal and backing vocal-all on the same track at different times. You make it work. Some songs are simply recorded live and mixed with vocals, there's certainly no method to the creative process. Having quirks to the session may be the method but we realize each and every germ of a song stems into it's own complicated and Hobbes-esque-hair pulling life form. You'll perceive tape dropouts, hard faders and 4am mixes. We make it work.

Architect your own sound. From the guitars, pedals, amps, speaker cabinets...most every sound is custom sculpted (if not actually made). Maybe a dozen microphones we'd built. The tube pre's are vintage '60s reconstructs, the mixing with reworked channel strips. Mix with faders. Yes. Cables capacitance tested and thrown out. Lathe cut records handmade by Audiogeography in CT., one at a time. CD's the highest quality Yuden thermal lacquer, slow burn. Covers inked and sprayed here. All this work, is it better?

Songs. Stemming from the root of love, in the ground and above, lend shade and comfort, disallow the footsteps to raise your hairs, at times still yet ever taking time to grow, accept the sun's power to awaken and instill, accept that things can take to a dead end but it's all tongue in cheek in the first place, know when you're hurting and accept those little gifts you can never see, words will pave the starway to haven, spill your drink, on a hill by a tree the sun-less green; here lies the bridge. SLT 12 OCT. 2015.


released October 18, 2015



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